The Seven Kings (Maldrin, Mardock, Arnon, Malak, Madlon, Biren, and Drad) that ruled The Seven Isles were given special differences to set them apart from the people they ruled (i.e. Strength, height, build, intellect, and some supernatural powers). As powerful beings, they were quite capable of anything, and were feared by their subjects. Something they did not use for advantage, for they cared for their subjects. Each King ruled differently, some more stern than others, but none more so than Malak.

There were five divisions of The Seven Kings. Maldrin and Madlon were Lotierians, which meant they had superior intellect and wisdom. Mardock and Arnon were Dolnans, which meant they had great physical size, with Mardock at 16" 8" and Arnon at 21" 3". They were also very strong, and had great endurance. Malak was a Garr, which meant he had special supernatural powers like changing appearance, invisibility, and ability to take control and inhabit the body of an individual. Biren and Drad were Troffors, meaning they had incredibly speed and agility in battle.