King Maldrin is one of The Seven Kings (or Troolan Kings) created by Drulin, The Eternal Being. He was given the isle of Lethold to rule; he made his stronghold in the southern lands of Lethold, Arnin (The Spire to be precise). He is known mostly for being the first of The Seven Kings to be slain, and by the people in Arnin for his wisdom and brilliant ideas.


During The Eternal Age King Maldrin found himself a wife, Rharn. She was a beautiful woman, and possessed amazing skill with the longbow. Together they ruled the land of Lethold in The Spire, and eventually they had a son together; Maffrin, and raised him to be a king. He was trained in the art of the sword, and became very skilled. Around the time of The Inner War, Lady Rharn became expectant again, but King Maldrin died before she gave birth. Exactly thirteen days after King Maldrin died, so did Lady Rharn in giving birth to Lilnor, their second child. Lilnor's elder brother, Maffrin, took care of her until she was old enough to be independant.


King Maldrin was a handsome man, with his appearance telling of wisdom. His regal hair, golden and flowing, revealed a stature far beyond any normal man, and when seen in battle, he showed fair skill with a blade. His height also set him apart, at nearly ten feet tall, he was still at least three foot taller than the highest Arnen.